Live Event | Web Design is Hard

Freddy Blancko
over 4 years agoOctober 5, 2016
Thank you! Great topics and very useful information.
Miguel Ruiz
over 4 years agoOctober 6, 2016
Thank you for sending the recording. I was unable to attend.
Anthony Foster
over 4 years agoOctober 7, 2016
Great discussion, especially Jeffrey's comments on graphic design. Do it again soon!
Jack Lee
over 4 years agoOctober 7, 2016
Great Video!
Rick Yentzer
over 4 years agoOctober 10, 2016
"We still teach tools. We don't teach underlying concepts." Exactly this. Other than digging into the manual it's hard to find sources that truly teach the core of CSS, HTML, and JS, especially JS. It's easy to find tutorials that don't teach. They just say follow these steps to get "X". But then I've only followed steps and not really understood the "why". 

Great discussion!
over 4 years agoOctober 10, 2016
Awesome nuggets of info!
Jacqueline Rocco
over 4 years agoOctober 11, 2016
Thanks for a great update on the industry!  I couldn't attend the LIVE one, and up until today I'm s able to watch the video. Really informative!
over 4 years agoOctober 12, 2016
Hey. Thanks. Those of us hungry for more information can feast here!
over 4 years agoOctober 12, 2016
Thank you for this video. The discussion touches upon a lot of concerns that I have working as a web developer.
over 4 years agoOctober 12, 2016
Great discussion. My wife is exploring front-end development, starting with HTML and CSS. I totally agree that teaching the why of JS is especially important but lacking. I have been searching for and trying to learn JS under the hood for a while now with difficulty.
over 4 years agoOctober 12, 2016
I have as well. I'm taken many JS online courses and have a couple of books but I've been struggling with JS for years. I just started taking this online course and it has helped me immensely:
over 4 years agoOctober 13, 2016
I highly recommend this book as well for JS
over 4 years agoOctober 14, 2016
Thanks for the feedback folks! Feel free to hit us up on Twitter with additional questions: @zeldman and @aarongustafson.
over 4 years agoOctober 15, 2016
A pep talk is no where near as useful as an honest chat about the current state of web design. it's good to see that seasoned and emerging designers all have the same sea of information to wade through as new comers and find it just as daunting.
Nice work guys.
over 4 years agoOctober 17, 2016
Love this analogy – "If you don't know how to fix the car, you're kinda screwed. All you know how to do is drive the car." It would be so fabulous to know what the tools are actually doing rather than just learning the tools.
over 4 years agoOctober 25, 2016
Thank you for the recording! Wasn't able to attend.
over 4 years agoDecember 11, 2016
Thank you for this!
almost 4 years agoAugust 15, 2017
Thank you for this recording that gave me some much needed encouragement about bringing my skills up to date.
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